Karelian culinary tours Karelia à la carte (5 hours)

From Joensuu to Ilomantsi
Familiarization with Hermannin Viinitila, baking of kalitkas (small rye-bread pies with filling), tasting of Karelian of the festive table in Parppeinpirtti and familiarization with the exhibition of traditional dishes.

From Kitee to Joensuu
Dinner Karelia à la carte in the Theater restaurant of Joensuu, familiarization with the Mustonen house, the Trade Pavilion and coffee with cake in the afternoon in Kauppaneuvoksen Kahvila (Commercial Counselor Café).

From Joensuu to Tohmajärvi
Tasting of Karelian festive table Karelia à la carte at the restaurant Kotipirtti, familiarization with the activity of the Handicraft Center Tohmajärvi and manufacture of quality milk in automated cowhouse Kytösuo.

From Joensuu to Koli, Lieksa
Tasting of Karelia à la carte at the Hotel Koli and familiarization with desolate landscapes of Koli. Coffee at the fire out in the country. Possibility of purchasing products from local entrepreneurs.

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Karelian Culinary Tour - Diverse country (2 days)

The culinary tour opens a door to the diverse culture and business life of the province. During two days – visit of Honkavaaran Perinnepiha, familiarization with soap on a rope manufacture in Saarilan Maatilamatkailu, as well as with success factors of the enterprises of the county and with gifts of the Valtimo Inn. The next day – visit of the museum Pielinen and the church Paateri. In the end of the route – the festival of mutton in Perinnetalo Isäntärenki.

The route is adjusted depending on the group. The objects of the tours are also enterprises of the network Karelia à la carte.

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